Keep the cameras rolling…

Each time I tell someone that I am trying to break into film, they say, “Oh that sounds like fun!”

I have gained some sort of physical damage or injury every time I have been in front of or behind a camera in something, aside from a student film project I did a few years back. It spans severe shin splints, bacon-eared sunburn, weeping blisters on my feet, multiple bruises from other actors convincing performances, bleeding wounds on my thumbs, numerous minor cuts from who knows what, and permanent hip damage.
I have been strangled with a rope, thrown out of a bar, frisked, pistol whipped and just plain old ‘left right left’ punched in live action.

Chase threw me out of that bar in The Big Muddy at least a half dozen times I bet, and he never made a mark on me.
Fred Deffenbaugh strangled me three or four times, not a mark. Stan Smith was a great stunt coordinator.

Roosevelt nearly hospitalized me just frisking me!
J/K but he certainly made the performance real.

James Holland Cramer pistol whipped me and used my face as a speedbag, but never touched me, still my railing against the chair when punched while cuffed got me two big forearm bruises. (although I was never actually cuffed the day James shot)

It is like real work when you are doing it.
But I do hope that I make it look fun.

Directing and writing??

I am totally emotionally and physically drained after a day of shooting.

I won’t do another project where I wear more than two hats.
It is insane.

Every byte of ‘Otto’ footage brings me closer to FIN without changing the original plot.

We have all heard about Guerrilla Filmmakers.

I think I’ma be a Gangsta Filmmaker.

I am making my own damned doorway into the industry and since I am not looking for what everyone else seems to be, I can work undisturbed to make my breakthrough.

When I kick this bitch open, everybody in ‘my gang’ is welcome to come along.

Do something while you are alive. It won’t matter later.