Site Photography

In 1992 my better half and I decided that since we lived in the middle of nowhere, Genoa Arkansas, and had nothing to do near the homestead, about 25 miles from where I worked in Texarkana, we would take the ‘New York Institute of Photography‘ mail order courses and complete them from home. This was pre-digital and the material was for 35 mm SLR and film developing courses.

Real photography.

We both did really well and our grades were very high. The instructors were real big time photographers and students who graduated became sports photographers, news photographers and commercial photographers. Mine was Jerry Rice. Google him.

I always just did ‘artsy stuff’ light, balance, tension, etc, and I liked soft portraits too.

There are a few dozen images in rotation on the site’s header, swapping randomly. Click the header image to make it change.

All of the pictures on this site were taken with a Motorola Android telephone and edited with either GIMP, a free image editor, or Microsoft Paint, free on every PC.

All photography on this website is Bryan Ezzell © 2014-2015.