You know, there’s a meme for that…

11223746_1056579824354988_7102278351846971921_n12250133_685682284890342_8587920118529721089_n12032099_1608109992785347_2015598518888488142_n12662669_1114616035218033_4471799625759659903_nOne of the things that all of my personal projects and my primary job have in common is Facebook. Through that connection, and due to the fact that it is this way for most of the people I am connected to, I (we) see things about one another that we never expected or thought of.

I have a ‘real’ job heading up the quality department at a wheel factory, but it is flexible enough to allow me to maintain a modest film shooting schedule. This works great for me because I want to be in films I like, work with people I want to work with and in the film industry this limits my role count, but it is worth it to me. I have had wonderful roles working with awesome talent, both new and old, that was my sought after reward to begin with.

In meeting all these people I become Facebook friends with many to stay abreast of what is happening in the film industry. And in so doing our day to day life differences immediately contrast in flashing moire patterns.

Of course one of the best identifiers is religious belief with politics a close second. I rate politics second because once every four years people on all sides of the issue go to their social media and espouse at length their mis-understanding of the version of the story they were exposed to, but religious propaganda from all sides is a daily thing, 24/7/365.
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Now, most of us are pretty busy and we don’t have the time or desire to meticulously search for facts and references for a two minute Facebook post we had to think a minute about, to decide whether or not to even reply. So we base our response on our experience and what we have heard that we agree with. This assumes none of us are ever wrong about what we choose to believe.

But it is currently political season so the nets are cast far and wide and they are really dragging up some treasures.

I see political opinion driving a wedge between us deeper than ever.
Let us take gun control for a start.

Now to me, responsible people who are sane should be allowed to have guns. Responsible and sane people would use guns only for acceptable sporting purposes or for self defense in real self defense situations. Therein lies the problem.

Because just like the cliche that ‘nobody in prison is guilty‘, you would be hard pressed to get a sociopath to check the ‘sociopath‘ box on the gun permit registration forms. ‘I intend to gain infamy by mass murdering my co-workers‘ probably would not be one they would check either. So the laws can get as strict as they want, the wrong people are still going to get their hands on guns.

For that reason alone, we cannot tell all the decent citizens who have had guns all their lives and never pulled one out on someone because they were simply mad, that they can’t have guns.

The saying, “When you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns.” is 100% true. But going around talking about all the bad guys you are going to kill in the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ is not helping those of us who get that we need to keep our guns, but also get that we have to do something about the wack-jobs who are becoming private firing squads with some insane agenda or none at all other than hurting some other people.

I have friends in Montana and Wyoming that live where there are hardly any people. They hunt and shoot for sport. Or to protect their livestock. There is hardly any crime up there. One of my friends has a little sister (adult now, but probably been shooting since she was in single digits) who shoots too. None of them are wackos. I saw a video of her shooting the other day. Looked like a great day. But because they look happy shooting, one day there could be memes.

Memes are like ‘Mad Magazine’ was when I was a kid. Both have all the current events stories but they are all twisted somehow, usually to make something look better or worse than it is.

We have, in a general sense, become conditioned to allow memes to feed our intellect. The news soundbite of the 20th century has fallen to the meme of the 21st century. Happy, sad, angry whatever, you can say it in a glance with a well designed meme. No doubt the creator of the meme sits back and says, “Hell yeah!” when they feel they have created the perfect meme.

Is there a Meme Hall of Fame yet?

I live out here in Southern California and I like animals, trees and the ocean with all it’s life. So I could be called easily, ‘A Leftist Tree-hugger’ in a meme, even though I have voted Republican in every Presidential Election since I was old enough to vote.

I’ll be sending exactly $27.00 to Bernie Sanders campaign as soon as I post this blog.

It is complicated like that sometimes.

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