2016 is exploding with activity!

LilithAlready a quarter of the way through 2016 and gaining steam with new film projects budding and Horses Without Homes growing to a staggering 24,000+ fans in 6 months. I am also planning to do a solo blues album of old standards and original tunes.

11223746_1056579824354988_7102278351846971921_nAt the day job, we are nearing completion on a state of the art powder coating department for our performance wheels to ensure they are the best in the industry. It looks like a factory itself taking a huge amount of floor space.
It is being built ‘next door’ to the R&D Department, so we see it throughout the day and it is pretty impressive.

I have been busy fabricating custom tool holders for the CNC lathe that we have just moved into R&D. While I enjoy making things that we need, things that will last for decades most likely, I would really like to get the next generation of wheel molds in production. We have some exciting new designs that break the traditional ‘wagon wheel’ look for off-road ATV’s, Side by sides and 4 wheelers.

mil1Once we have the new equipment in the R&D Department fully tooled and running I am going to be moving up to a QC position over the entire plant. This year some time, but I enjoy what I do now, so I am in no big hurry. I love that I have a boss who has no problem with me being off for a few weeks of the year with my acting work. I wear a smile most of the day. It is very okay to be me right at this point in time.
At home, we have a bumper crop of Yellow Evening Primrose this year and although we are less than a month into Spring some are already twice as large as they are supposed to be at full adulthood. The plants we have in the yard love it here as do the lizards, birds and unfortunately the gopher… but he will be another entry, one about identifying with Bill Murray in Caddyshack!

As for the acting, I may be a detective in two different projects soon and a fanatic in another.  In addition I am about to talk to a couple of hustling young directors about roles in their projects. San Diego is set to light up with new film industry projects and I will be in as many of the great ones as I possibly can.

10157108_10153095494344983_4560997431181640686_nI also have a few friends out there in the film industry who are busy as well and we always take the opportunity to promote each other when we are working. It has resulted in working contacts, so I have been lucky in the great group of people with which I have been able to work.

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