The grind continues…

I am now deep into post production (I think) and am feeling the tension mount. I have seen every second of footage already (multiple times) and know it will tell my story, but there remains a lot between MVI files and a DVD. I find myself swinging from frustration to hysterical laughter, as the other actors and I had fun in every shoot.

I do have a significant amount left to shoot but it involves only me and I work pretty well with myself.

I am more tired than I ever thought I would be, but happier that my funny little movie seems to be eager to comply with its creation than I ever thought it might be.

I have now accidentally learned how to do all the things I thought I would have to spend a lot of time learning, to get through post processing. I got this.

I would not be able to undertake a project like this without the help of all the great people who appear in this movie, as well as those behind the scenes. But so far, everyone involved has also made at least one screen appearance.

My thanks to: Jane Hendron, Wes Kalbus, Kaye Williams, Eli Medellin, Roosevelt Palafox, James Cramer, Luke DePron, Bel Canzoneri and Sharon J. Geyer.

Back into the editing dungeon!