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All the Gold in California… (If I die today)

I have always enjoyed putting myself in challenging situations in life. Not necessarily dangerous instances, but things where the chance of failure outweighs the possibility of success.


Thus far, I have chosen a path and traveled it long enough to become proficient and even expert at many things. As my life unfurls, these efforts have evolved. There is one common theme. JUMP NOW!

In the development of all of these facets of my life, acting has always been a factor. Acting in day to day situations, when my kids depended on me for a home and sustenance. I performed the role of brilliant self-starter many times in my career. Being a quick study has always been a strong point. My next meal relied upon my ability to instill confidence in my employers that I could handle the tasks set before me. Not much has changed in that respect.

So now, as I find myself in the front of a new phase in my life, the ‘filmmaker/actor phase’, I am constantly confronted with new obstacles and challenges. Who to listen to, who to ignore and what lies between where I am today and where I want to be in 5 years. 10 years. In film history.

It is almost as if you are unable to appreciate the process until you find yourself in the mix. Since I do love a challenge, I am up for it. Lot’s to learn, process and master. New people to meet and old misconceptions exposed and reassessed.

My film career began, peripherally in 1989, working as a technical support person on Peter Bogdanovich’s film, Texasville. This was my first venture into the world of BTS, on set activities and behavior. It was a major Hollywood production with an all-star cast, most of whom, I had a chance to talk to, especially Cybill Shepherd, as her on-set quarters had ten security camera’s and it seemed like at least one of them was always malfunctioning. I learned here that film work doesn’t stop and go home at 5 o’clock like regular jobs. Finding myself in these locations also allowed me to sponge a great deal of information about the process. There were sides laying around in Cybill’s bus all the time. Some days she had only a few lines. But the process was still an all day thing.

I was young and life was long back in those days. I had forever to make decisions about my life. Texasville was an awesome bait item for chicks. It was known in my personal social circles that I had full set access any time the production was operating and I worked that angle for my personal fringe benefits. I knew however, that one day when the time was right, I would join the ranks of thespians and raconteurs in the film industry.

Fast forward to 25 years later. A long life has unfurled along behind me, full of amazing people, events and moments. If it ended today, I WON. But today I find myself upright and ambulatory once again and ready to face the next new challenge. These days I am concerned with making a set of demo reels that show I have a range of character portrayal skills. I won’t be able to show all of that to one casting director in one submission. It is not possible and it is a pipe dream to think that you will make one demo and then work forever. (see page two)

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