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Family Values – The Anthem

My friend, Steve Morton wrote some fantastic music. One piece I always loved was ‘Family Values’. A punk-esque ballad about a drunken father and crackhead mother raising a model citizen.

Steve did this piece in 4 tracks using a Fostex 4 track cassette recorder, an Alesis drum machine and his own talents on guitar, bass and vocals. This song was always my favorite of his tunes.
Most of his work is highly polished and ultra cleanly recorded.

This grungy old tune still cuts like a new razor blade.

Don’t mind that the beat slaps you in the face for a full minute.

By 1:30 you are in the groove and by 2:40, Steve puts you through a couple of moves.

He was just a kid when he wrote this tune, early twenties.

“Do as I say, not as I do”, was a familiar theme for kids raised in the time and location Steve and I were. You ‘get it’ or you don’t. I get it.

Steve passed away peacefully in his sleep March 30, 2013.

R.I.P. buddy, I miss you!


Family Values Written and performed by: Steve Morton

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